Katherine Armer
Artist Statement

Rockstella is about the love of stones and imaginative adornment, and is a vessel in which I have forged my appreciation for the natural world and the intrinsic artistry found in natural materials. The inspiration behind the designs is the gems themselves; faceted and rough, precious and semiprecious. I am continually drawn to the tension between the highly refined, well-crafted aspect of beauty and its raw and unhewn edge. This interplay is the heart of what propels my creative vision.

I started collecting rocks when I was a child, and now find the sourcing of materials to be one of the most exciting aspects of jewelry design. It's an adventure to discover treasure, to touch beautiful rocks, and to participate in shaping the way their particular nature is ultimately expressed. The journey of finding rare specimens has brought me in touch with an amazing array of people: miners, cutters, and gem dealers, some local to the San Francisco Bay Area, some in far corners of the world. It's a joy to collaborate with these lapidary artists and metal smiths, and to include their work in mine.

I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I do!

-Katherine Armer
Founder, Designer
Rockstella Jewels